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PROESA is a privately owned and operated business.

Although established in 1994, our combined aluminum

casting experience is of over 60 years.


We are commited to understanding and complying

with our customer�s needs, ensuring quality in product,

delivery, and service.


PROESA has on average 120 employees on the floor, with 5 supervisors.


We also have 9 administrative employees and 4 engineers for Production, Production Control, Quality Control and Maintenance.


·VERSATILITY: We cast over 600 different parts for over 30 customers.


·RANGE: We cast parts weighing from 1 oz. up to 800 lbs. in quantities

 that range from 1 to several thousand per month.


·ALLOYS: We work in 11 basic alloys, plus any other alloy required by

 our customers.



Our versatility allows us to supply multiple industries:


· ·PROTOTYPES: Prototypes are a major asset: lead-time and pricing enable us to satisfy customer´s needs. ·PATTERNS: PROESA has controlling interest in an external pattern shop where wood, Some machining is also done at this facility.


PROESA�S current production capacity is of 60 metric tons per month.


Our production programming is based on lean manufacturing when applicable but based on customer´s blanket orders and releases.

epoxy resin and aluminum patterns are made, as well as steel and iron permanent  molds, dies, tooling and fixtures.



·Analytic spectrometer.

·Complete metrology facility

·Mechanical properties testing.

·Non-destructive testing such as X-rays

and Penetrant liquid (Zyglo) is also available.


Location: Moldeadores lt 2 mz 3, Ciudad Industrial Tizayuca, Hgo. México C.P. 43805

Tels. 52 (779) 796-1822, 796-0312, Fax.52 (779) 796-0321



At present, 10% of our production goes to our domestic

customers and 90% is exported directly and indirectly to the U.S.


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